"I come from a family that has proudly been serving the public for as long as I can remember. From military to law enforcement my family has generations of people who dedicated themselves to public service. I want to continue that tradition by serving you, the people of Texas. We need to put people in office are willing to take charge and get things done. As your representative, I vow to always give you my all in fighting for the Conservative platform and I will faithfully protect and defend the constitution."



I believe that the second amendment is the most important part of the bill of rights, if not the entire Constitution. It is the one right that we must always keep in order to protect the others. Without the right to bear arms citizens have no line of defense against a tyrannical government. My wife and I are NRA members and I was raised by two gun store owners who have also been NRA shooting instructors for nearly two decades. I will always fight for your 2A rights. As your representative, I promise to fight for your right to bear arms and defend it against all government threats that attempt to limit or take away that right.

As your representative, I will fight to finish the construction of the southern border and ending all taxpayer funded subsidies from being paid out to people invading our nation. Illegally crossing the border is an invasion and should be met as one. That is why I am for sending the Texas National Guard to the border and securing it off until we are able to complete a sufficient border that will stop drug and human trafficking from taking over our state. If the federal government is not willing to stand up and address the problem on the southern border we will take it into our own hands. Securing our border will save tax payer money, take a burden off of our detention centers and stop in the illegal voting that occurs in our elections.

I believe that every human being has the right to life and that extends to those in the womb. I believe that life begins at conception and fully support the Heartbeat Bill. It is our duty as a state and a nation to put in place laws that protect future generations and give them a voice when they are unable to stand up for themselves. As your representative, I promise to fight for the unborn and do everything that I can to keep the Heartbeat Bill alive. I believe that we will ban abortion and generations to come will look at the ban as one of the greatest milestones in American history. No matter what the federal government claims, Texas will always stand up for the unborn.

Property taxes in Texas are among some of the highest in the nation. This combined with rising cost of living and an influx of people migrating to our great state is pricing Texans out of their homes. As your representative, I will fight to lower the property tax until elimination. It is time that buying a home means buying it for yourself, and not the Government. I will fight to make this, like the no state income tax, to become a constitutional amendment to ensure that future representatives do not fight for a reversal of this policy and go back to steal the hard earned dollar of the Texas people.


Education is one of the most important issues we face today. I believe that parents have the right to 100% transparency on what is happening in our schools. I am 100% against CRT and other propaganda ideologies from being forced onto our children. I will fight everyday for the opportunities of our young women by keeping biological males out of female sports. Government officials have attempted to take parents out of our schools but, as your representative, I promise to always fight to keep parents involved in the curriculum of our children. They are our future and we must always fight to protect them.

The government has taken great strides to eliminate the rights of property owners, both above and below the surface. I will fight to give more resources to land owners to fight against government's implementation of eminent domain. I will also fight for a balance between conserving our groundwater and pumping it. Right now we are seeing rapid depletions of our aquifers and we must fight for a balance of pumping and conservation in order to protect the wells that are used by millions of Texans, including our farmers and ranchers.

There is nothing more important to maintaining our democracy than creating free and fair elections. This is why, as your representative, I will fight to purge all voter rolls the deceased, illegal and all other ineligible voters. We must fight as a state to allocated resources to ensure our elections are investigated and audited. Poll watchers must be able to observe ballot counting with prosecution towards those who deny them this right. I will fight to keep voter Identification requirements and further add to the verification process to ensure that only lawful Texas citizens are able to vote in our elections


During the authoritarian lockdowns we saw many of our churches forced to shutdown. This was an unprecedented overreach by the government to limit our freedom of religion and worship. I believe that the separation of church and state is also the separation of state and church, meaning if the church has to stay out of the state then the state must stay out of the church. I believe that ALL citizens, no matter the religion or beliefs, have the right to worship and gather together to do so. As your representative, I will never infringe on your freedom of religion and will not allow a single threat to come in and take the right to worship from you.


I believe that every human being should have the right to freedom of speech and as Americans it is not our government's role give us that right but to protect that right. We have seen different governments, groups and individuals attempt to take away that right and they are only fighting harder and harder each day. Freedom of speech should never be a partisan issue. As your representative, I promise that I will always fight for the freedom of speech of ALL citizens of this great state no matter the political or ideological beliefs. It is time that we eliminate the censoring of our people. I will fight to ensure that every Texan has a voice from social media to college campuses.


As a person who was raised by a couple that run a gun store, I understand the struggles and importance of small businesses in our nation. Local businesses are the backbone of our communities and deserve to be recognized as such. During the unjustified shutdowns, we saw thousands of small businesses ran out of business because of draconian measures implemented by our government. As your representative, I promise to always fight for businesses and their right to stay open. I will never allow the government to shut your business down without fighting with everything I have. 


As someone who owns a small ranch, I understand the importance of agriculture to our communities. Often times our government officials throw small farm and ranch owners to the wolves in favor of the large farms giving them money. As your representative, I promise to fight for every farm and ranch, no matter the size. I believe in marking products with their country of origin to promote American raised and processed meats. I also believe in tax breaks and grants for those who are involved in the most important industry in our great state.


As a veteran who was raised by two first responders, I understand the sacrifice, from the individual and their families, that goes into these careers.​ I promise to always fight to pay back the debt of their service to the best of my ability. I will do this by voting for sufficient funding to our first responders, including our wonderful EMS agencies. I will also fight to eliminate excessive state fees for all veterans and first responders, to include hunting and fishing licenses. They have given more to this state and country than we could ever pay them back for and it is our responsibility to fight for them in return.


I am a Christian who believes in protecting the framers' intent of the Constitution and will always fight for the rights of the citizens of the great state of Texas. For further questions about my beliefs please send me an email at: trey@treyrutledge.org